Monthly Archives: July 2013

Visitors and Flowers

Kea is now 3.5 weeks old. During her short life she has already managed to outgrow all her new-born clothes! But thanks to the generous gifts from friends and family of new and pre-loved clothing we have an ever expanding choice of outfits! My favourite would have to be the little embroidered singlets from my Nana – so cute, easy to change and perfect for the hot weather we’ve had for the last 3 weeks.

Mum+Kea_wk3 Dad+Daughter_wk3
(mum + girl), (daddy party time)

Life has almost settled into a routine now. A cluster feed in the morning, and in the afternoon with a couple of overnight feeds. We usually get free-time (or sleep-in) in the morning 6-8, at midday for a couple of hours and then a longer break (~4hrs) after dinner. We even made it to out to our league champions keg party last weekend! With Cols parents in town we’ve been getting out a little more but still mostly house bound. Luckily we’ve had lots of visitors!

Kea is becoming more responsive to outside stimulation and we’ve had some nice “awwww isn’t our baby cute” moments. On the flip side she’s starting spitting up and a mad dash for cloths/blanket ensues. Luckily she always has a smile on her when she throws up or drools.

(cute face == 3 seconds till drool)

Thank you everyone for the flowers we received. Now they have all shrivelled up and dropped their leaves.  Some dried out nicely and are still hanging about – but I wish Cols or I had more of a green thumb 🙂