22 inches of awesome

After 8 weeks we now have a baby girl who just hit 22″ (56cm) long, weighs more than a bag of potatoes (5kg/11lbs) and has jumped straight to wearing 3 month clothes.

We get real smiles now with the occasional coo. These are the first rays of sunshine that are the fun baby times! She has started loving the activity-mat which gives us time to make a coffee / have a shower. She is also more patient with clothing, nappies, showers/baths and going outside seems easier now. The 6-7 week mark was definitely a turning point with us being more prepared, having expectations set to a realistic level for what we can achieve in a day (hint: one thing a day) and Kea being in more of a routine.

8wk expressions(The many faces of an 8 week baby)

My new favourite “trick” right now is to help her stand up. This distracts her from anything.
Crying? Try the wobble.
Diaper? Try the bounce.
Hungry? Try the superman.
Tired? Perfect .. lets cuddle and read a book 🙂