Just as Vancouver was huddling down for the start of winter we left for the southern hemisphere hoping to catch back-to-back summers. Unfortunately we took the weather with us and in Melbourne we got horizontal rain and draughty nights. It wouldn’t have seemed so bad but we packed for a tropical holiday. We did have some successful shopping days which offset this.


Family on Great Ocean Road

Kea B/W

Look into my eyes!

It was super seeing all the Victoria based family and friends: Ruth, Bridget, Patrick, Andrew, Bea, Willie, Mary, Stan, Dave, Bridget, Leylani, Rui, Scott, Brooke, Gracie, Ewan. Thanks to everyone for making time to see us especially all those with little ones.


Al, Scott, Kea, Gracie, Ewan


Cousin Patrick, Kea

In the 2 weeks in Melbourne Kea learned to roll-over, grab her feet and went for her first swim. She also started hating her travel-cot which meant a lot of crying at bed-time or a crowded bed till she was asleep.

Cols+Kea, Bea+Willie

Cols + Kea, Bea + Willie

Kea, Willie

Kea, Cousin Willie


Aunty Ruth + Kea

First Swim

First Swim with Dad