Photos are awesome

The thing about being an amateur photographer is that I take a ton of photos. These take a long time to setup and edit. The “great” shots I aim for are far and few between, even more so when I get artistic. Generally I’m happy with this situation as photography is one of my hobbies but when all is said and done I would actually like to be in a few shots!

photo-shoot behind scenes

Enter the professional photo-shoot at bopomo! In 45 mins we had 4 outfit changes, 2 diaper changes, 1 feed, a handful of new distraction noises and about 100 fantastic pics to review. I would have been able to choose just 5 shots but Coleen brow-beat me (“Ohh but its soo cute!”) into getting more. Next time Colleen will be lunching while I choose the pics. Photos taken at 2.5 months.