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Project Night – Every Night

With all the time we’re spending around home we’ve got a few projects done.

Project – Family Photo Night

The Grandparents were in town this last fortnight and we took a few family photo’s while they are here and cooking us dinner (yum thanks!).

Grandparents + Kea Dicksons Wests
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Project – Beach Movie Night

Colleen, Kea and I made it down to our favourite beach with Jamie B, Pete A, Meghan B. This was a first trial run of the BenQ JoyBee2 with Battery Accessory. We bungie-cord tied JB’s crutches to the driftwood, tied the canvas screen to those and pulled tight with twine. We hooked this up to an iPhone and a Bose SoundLink to complete the beach cinema experience. The sound coming out of the JoyBee2 was disappointingly soft and we couldn’t hear the dialog over the sounds of the waves as they lapped up against the bottom of the screen (“would someone please turn down the waves!”). We solved this by plugging the speaker straight into the iPhone and by-passing the projectors sound-out. ¬†Screen was a little small as we kept the electronics back away from the water. Good movie once we could hear!

beachmovie setup beachmovie in action

Project – Lead Chest Handles

DSC_0009_5Colleen has this old storage box that has lead nails and a lead proof outer layer. The leather handles were falling apart and one had broken. Lead nails break, bend and are quite tricky to take out but in the end I got the nails replaced with screws and swapped out the old-leather with new-leather (which had known a previous life as a belt).