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HTML Forms Select/Option Styling

Nicely styling select dropdowns. So I don't forget which ones I've tried.

"Sexy Combo 2": v2.1.3

Rating: 4/5 + As easy to setup as jqDropDown. - Demo page is a broken url. - Fixed size (too small) - All css rules quantified as ... annoying to override. - 2 lots of css rules. - On long list doesn't scrolldown to show the currently selected value. ++ Did everything I wanted. ? Wishlist: auto-width based on options in select.

"jqDropDown": v1.6.1

Rating: 4/5 for small-lists. 1/5 for long. + I used this on + Simple and works fine for small lists. + I found a bug and the developer was very responsive. - Multiple problems with large list of options. - .long-list { max-height: 200px; overflow: auto; } the scroll-bar becomes unselectable. - .long-list: scrolls off bottom of page by default.

"jQuery Stylish Select": v0.4.5

Rating: 1/5 - too hard to style. + Initially looks good. - It didn't wrap the contents properly requiring container div's - and I had trouble styling the select box without a background image. - Needs too much tweaking.


TODO - analyze in a use-case. - Code could be cleaned up - not consistent formatting.

By Alister West