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SVN Init

While I have mostly moved to git these days - I don't want to forget the good 'ol svn days.

SVN Setup for webdav svn repo (configured for glinks)

# .. setup
sh$ export SITE=''
sh$ export SVN_ROOT=''
# .. backup
sh$ cp -r $SITE svn_import
# .. cleanup
sh$ rm -rf svn_import/logs svn_import/logs # etc...
sh$ find svn_import -type f -regex '.*/compiled/.*compiled' | xargs rm -v
# .. import
sh$ svn import -m 'initial import' svn_import $SVN_ROOT/mysite
sh$ find . -iname compiled -type d -exec svn propset svn:ignore '*' '{}' \;

SVN access with Apache=WebDAV can store passwords in clear-text.

# Cleanup any plain-text svn passwords
#  - For subversion users don't store passwords when using http(s) as these are stored in plain text.
#  - .netrc can handle plaintext password stores
$ cat ~/.subversion/config | grep store-passwords
store-passwords = no
$ rm -rf ~/.subversion/auth/*
$ ls -la ~/.net*
By Alister West