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Process Monitoring

Many ways to do this :)

UBIC - Perl

Ubic is a user-space process monitor. It has pluggable backends - many distributed on CPAN (ie. Ubic::Service::Starman).

ubic-admin setup

  • sets up ~/.ubic.cfg
  • adds crontab entry: ubic-watchdog ubic.watchdog

ubic start ubic.watchdog

  • starts service
  • adds file ~/services/data/status/ubic.watchdog - {"status":"running","enabled":1}

Monit - C - fast and simple but with a limited configuration syntax.

GOD - Ruby - gets a lot of press and is easy to configure but there are reports of memory leaks.

Linux - Other

Linux-Server-Base (LSB) type runlevel scripts (usually put into /etc/init.d/) are falling out of fashion. Here is a short list.

  • daemontools with supervise (svc). Requires fg mode and sig handling by app. Uses /var/services, /services
  • upstart with respawn option.
  • restartd Uses /proc/$service/
  • supervisor
  • launchd OSX launcher
  • runit with sv (runsv)
  • rc-status gentoo runlevel control - no process monitoring. rc-update, rc-status
  • Daemon::Control - perl module which can turn any process/daemon into a LSB script
By Alister West